YAPU – Yet another project update

10 01 2011

I’m realizing now i haven’t posted any progress on the project in a little while, hence the post. We’ve been slowly moving forward, mostly with the terrain generation, its actually looking pretty neat at this point so i feel like i should post something:

As you can see from the screen shot above we’ve been refining the process of our random terrain generator. The terrain you see here is procedural and will be different each time we run the application. If you can make out the FPS marker there, its around 4 FPS… that’s horrible. I’m the one tasked with increasing performance, I’m working on occlusion culling at the moment, this has proven to be a big pain in my ass but none-the-less if i get something working good I’ll try to post a tutorial or something.

So far things are going good, we’ll be able to hopefully have some kind of video up pretty soon that all depends on what kind of blocks we run into between now and then. Happy coding!




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