That exhaust system, remember that?

11 01 2007

Yeah so forever ago (like three posts down, how pathetic) i posted about a two brothers exhaust system that i was going to get for my Honda CBR 600RR. Well I did get it, with little hassle, and installed it myself! The picture below is the after/before (if you look at the order) of what the exhaust looks like on the bike itself.

Honda CBR 600RR Exhaust Comparison So how does it sound? Well, nothing short of amazing! It really makes the bike sound as mean as it is, and I’m sure on the 1000RR, it’s even better. I love the titanium finish, it looks great with the silver bike i have, I’m not a fan of the carbon fiber…

Performance Increase? Sure, there was and I could notice it. Now it wasn’t like adding a turbo to a Honda civic or anything, but it was decent enough that i felt good about it. Maybe it had something to do with the amazing sound the bike makes now, I don’t know?

Last but not least, i reccomend it, if you want to get an awesome exhaust that fits well, looks great, sounds great, and does what its suppose to. Get it. If your neighbors are already complaining about your band practice at 3:00 in the afternoon, you might want to skip this exhaust system as its pretty loud and my neighbors do sort of hate me now… Thanks for reading!


Two Brothers Exhaust System

24 05 2006

Well as you know if you have been reading my blog i bought an 06 Honda CBR 600RR. I don't even have the license plates yet and I've already order my first modification. Thats right, the Two Brothers M-5 Titanium Exhaust system. Not only does it slightly increase performance but it also makes the bike sound like it should… MEAN.

I'll post some pictures and sound clips here if i can once it has been completed. I ordered it last night so maybe it will get here before the weekend starts. As usual I'll keep you updated.