More Meetings….

6 03 2006

This was originally posted on another blog on: February 21, 2006 


On my other blog before i transferred hosts, i had mentioned that i had a chance to meet with Bob Sutor from IBM. For those of you who dont know he is the VP of Open Source at IBM, so needless to say he’s a top guy at IBM. Anyway, that presentation was AWESOME, it really gave me a sense that what i was doing here at Neumont means something to employers…

Well, again today I had another chance to present to some top people over at IBM. There were three total, only one however was mentioned in the e-mail sent to me, and i apologize, but the others names slip my mind at the moment. The main person we presented for today was Mike Sylvia, Director of IBM Architect Practices. It went very well despite the short notice!

Anyway, things are going great here at school, now if only i could stay as motivated as i feel right now. ;)