Joining the workforce.

8 06 2007

A couple months ago I put my resume on Monster, if anyone reading this has used monster you know thats a good, and a bad thing. In my case it really didn’t help at all, and I think I can see what happened to monster and what their true goal is, that could probably have a topic of it’s own.

In any event, my resume; on monster. The day after I posted the damn thing I got, 5 voice mails on my phone for people who wanted me to call them back or come interview because they all claimed to have positions that I would be interested in. Now don’t get me wrong there were a couple of places that were really nice, and if you fancy working for a consulting company, or help center, then great! Monster on. However, I was not looking for something like that; I wanted something that had meaning, and goals, something that when I created something great at work, it really helped the company become more efficient. I was sick of the “I’m just another coder” mentality.

Unfortunately what I found through monster is that generally the people who surf it looking for IT type people, are generally recruiters for consulting companies, or bigger companies that cannot give their IT deparment the personalization they need. Because we all know a happy IT department, is an efficient one. I just feel like Monster is way over commercialized, I’m sure they have some back end feature that employers get e-mails similar to the job search agent that shows you jobs it returned based on your skills. It’s just too commercial for me, and actually I only want certain people to see my resume, but its not like i can tell monster to only show me employers that aren’t just recruiting centers.

In any event, I got hired on with No More Mortgage out here in Orem, UT. It’s a lot of fun, and exactly what I was looking for. I should thank my friend Mike for leaving my name with them a while ago, and them for keeping it on hand and hiring me.

Oh and to finish, anyone looking for a job, good luck!


Honda CBR 600RR

3 05 2006

I wasn't going to blog about it but what the hell, I'm excited and I have nothing better to do in Trig. class. Today I'm purchasing a Honda CBR 600RR and I can't wait. I'll have to blog more about it when I get it, but how do i afford this while im GOING to school?? Well, fortunately I live with my parents, and my car is paid off… So esentially i have no bills, which is great.

Thats not where the thanks comes in though, luckily i have a lovely beautiful girlfriend who's willing to help me out, and willing to ride along with me. Aside from that even my parents are to thank because they have been working hard to get me a good credit rating since i was 16, putting car's in my name and laptop's which i paid for most of the time. They were great to cosign for me on those things.

So why blog about this? I really don't know, i'll add more stats and stuff later when i get it and let everyone know how it performs, but for now just a picture.

Back to school.

12 04 2006

As the title says, it's time to head back to school. Thats not a bad thing, because this quarter seem like its going to be great. Right now im sitting in my Human Computer Interface Design class, and its pretty much exactly what i had in mind. UI design and how to make it the best possible way for a particular program.

Anyway, i digress, the real reason i'm even writing this is to express my excitement on some great news that the school gave us this morning. Neumont University had 22 graduates last month, 20 of which have jobs that pay at little over 60,000 dollars a year; which is 13% above the national average, or so they say.


22 03 2006

I’ve decided that i’ll post a few updates… I’ve been working on this beehive brick website for some time now, and it’s going great. I’ve just finished all the major parts of it, now its just a matter of going back and tweaking all the little things to get it perfect. It’s been awesome doing this website! I’ve always said to myself, “One day, i want to be able to program something that i already know how to do. I wont have to look anything up, I’ll just know exactly what i need to do, and just have to do it.” And i think for once i’m finally there. Lately the website has been going VERY smoothly and i know exactly where im going and i get their easily. Aside from all that, its great to just be out in the industry, and people show their support believe me… I’ve gotten a TON of job offers over the past few months, so many that i wish i was done with school so i could help everyone. I guess my time will come for that, and for now i’ll just work on what i have. I’ve been trying to find something that will cure my urge to program a video game but to no avail… Everything i try to take on in that category is much to in depth for me to dedicate hours and hours into it. Hopefully my time will come for that too, but we’ll see.