XNA Project Update 12-29-2010

29 12 2010

I’ve made a little bit of progress since the last post. I have begun the work on a sky sphere, after doing quite a bit of research on the best way to do things, I’ve decided that no matter the difficulty a gradient sky sphere is going to be the most dynamic for what i would like to do, now i just need to figure it out…

So far i have the sky sphere correctly moving with the camera, now i want to be able to shade this and have it change realistically from day/night and visa-versa. So starting from here, lets see where this will go, wish me luck I’ll need it:


New XNA Project

28 12 2010

Wow, how long has it been since I’ve made a blog post? Seems like its been quite a while, and according to the dashboard i think it has been.

I’ve been working on a new XNA project in my free time lately. The basic idea is to create a terrain rendering system, and a small RPG style game that is fairly sandbox style. It seems as though things are falling into place, things have come pretty easy thus far and i feel like I’ve made good progress. Check out this screenshot:

One Region test

One Region Rendered

This is one successfully rendered region of the terrain, I’m working with one other developer who’s task currently is to generate some sort of neat terrain layouts and come up with those algorithms. I want to keep the project as procedural as possible, with no set “maps”.

We’ll see how it goes and i’ll provide updates as we work. Maybe i’ll even get around to writing some tutorials for you guys as it seems my windows installer tutorial and XNA stuff has taken off pretty good. Stay tuned!