Sky Domes are neat, so are day night cycles!

20 01 2011

Finally got it working in my proof of concept. Rather than explain the details just watch. I asked for help creating this as i know next to nothing about HLSL, but none the less check out my question here and you should be able to pull it off!

Here is the video:


YAPU – Yet another project update

10 01 2011

I’m realizing now i haven’t posted any progress on the project in a little while, hence the post. We’ve been slowly moving forward, mostly with the terrain generation, its actually looking pretty neat at this point so i feel like i should post something:

As you can see from the screen shot above we’ve been refining the process of our random terrain generator. The terrain you see here is procedural and will be different each time we run the application. If you can make out the FPS marker there, its around 4 FPS… that’s horrible. I’m the one tasked with increasing performance, I’m working on occlusion culling at the moment, this has proven to be a big pain in my ass but none-the-less if i get something working good I’ll try to post a tutorial or something.

So far things are going good, we’ll be able to hopefully have some kind of video up pretty soon that all depends on what kind of blocks we run into between now and then. Happy coding!

Unable to start debugging on the web server. You do not have permissions to debug the server.

30 06 2009

Today I was encountering this problem, it would appear that its kind of hard to re-create but in the event that you are running domain websites locally on your machine you use what is called a “Loopback Check”. Not quite sure excatly what the check does, but during that process you will lose your authorization to debug a web application.

In order to fix the problem I located a thread on the Microsoft Support website with two available options. For me I added the domain name of the website that I’m referencing locally to the registry in MSV1_0 under a new Multi-String value called BackConnectionHostName; in this case: and it worked like a charm!

For more information on how to resolve this issue please visit:

XMPie, Awesome Idea

12 08 2008

I’ve been working for a company named ThomasArts for a little while now, and they have had the chance to purchase a software application called XMPie. Were currently going throught the training here at work and I have to say its quite the application. Basically, it helps the IT/Programming/Data Services department interface with the creative/designers/media department in making an advertisement.

I wish i could give more information on this software, but from what I understand there are only 10+/- of them ever purchased from Xerox, pretty neat. I guess I finally get to work on the cutting edge software, eh?

New Puppy!

26 04 2007

I figured I would write a post about this, maybe I will write more about it later too as I go through life with my adorable Norwich Terrier, which I just go two days ago.

I figured it would be best tNorwich Terrier Puppyo start with a picture! This is a picture of Baxter, he is a 2 month old Norwich Terrier which I got from a local place called Incredible Pets, who were very helpful by the way. So how did it begin? Well, I was looking for a puppy, and if any of you know my parents they have this… well… complete and utter hate for animals; so I knew there would be somewhat of a battle to get one. Seeing as how I still live at home and I already love smaller dogs, I was thinking any adorable dog in the Terrier group would probably fit just fine.

When I first started looking, I was really interested in the Wire Fox Terrier; I ended up finding one in all of Northern Utah, when I went to see her she was extremely active, biting, and out of control. This was a little too much for me, I have some fairly nice stuff in my room, and I don’t need a dog just running around tearing it apart, so I decided against the wire fox.

When I went to Incredible Pets, they had quite a few there, two of them actually caught my eye; the Norwich Terrier and the Carin Terrier. (Carin Terrier’s are the same dog as the one on the Wizard of Oz… The lady at the pet store really wanted me to know.) After reviewing their stats, and looking for the better dog, not to mention how damn irresistable he was, I decided to go with the Norwich Terrier.

In any event he is a handful but it’s a lot of fun. It’s nice to have something there to keep me busy when I have some down time from school. I spend about 30 minutes walking him or playing with him then its kennel time until he gets housebroken. It’s interesting to take on a responsibility like this, it’s different and challenging, not to mention a LOT of fun. Anyway, if you know me and want to come see him you’re more than welcome to. 😉

Last but not least, here is what they look like when they are older:

Norwich Terrier

Thanks for reading!


11 01 2007

Wow, so i need to update and get back into the groove of writing on this blog. Why? Well… because I like this blog, and some people actually read it, weird.

Okay okay, so what have I been doing? Well, i’ve been continuing my schooling, I’m about three quarters away from a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. Thats pretty exciting, and I can’t wait to become a corporate drone!

On another note, the reason I’m updating is because I’ve gotten a few e-mails off of my blog here, and they’ve initiated some awesome discussions and I enjoy that and would love to hear from more people reading my blog, so if i post more they will come, or so I hope.

In any event I’ll probably write another post about something in the not too distant future, so keep reading!

Is UTOPIA that great? Yes, it is!

23 08 2006

So if you’ve been reading my blog you’d know that i went on a tangent about UTOPIA and my vendetta against Internet Service Providers. Recently I was contacted by the CTO over at Veracity Communications, who was kind enough to fill me in on the details of UTOPIA, and how it works.

Since the time of the last post I have purchased UTOPIA internet through a local company here in Salt Lake City, and i have to say that without a doubt it is the fastest and most reliable internet around. If you have a chance to get UTOPIA in your area i highly reccommend it!

In the end i can honestly say that UTOPIA is really not what I took it in as at first glance. There is a limit on bandwidth 100GB, when i asked if its normal for people to exceed that limit, they explained that only people who “abuse” their account have a problem with that, and they can usually tell who that is. Since i’ve signed up with UTOPIA, i’ve been very pleased, its fast, reliable, and customer service is always available. Don’t pay 40/month for “super high speed DSL” when you can 40/month for the speed of light.