Unable to start debugging on the web server. You do not have permissions to debug the server.

30 06 2009

Today I was encountering this problem, it would appear that its kind of hard to re-create but in the event that you are running domain websites locally on your machine you use what is called a “Loopback Check”. Not quite sure excatly what the check does, but during that process you will lose your authorization to debug a web application.

In order to fix the problem I located a thread on the Microsoft Support website with two available options. For me I added the domain name of the website that I’m referencing locally to the registry in MSV1_0 under a new Multi-String value called BackConnectionHostName; in this case: local.feature.somesite.com and it worked like a charm!

For more information on how to resolve this issue please visit: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/896861


XMPie, Awesome Idea

12 08 2008

I’ve been working for a company named ThomasArts for a little while now, and they have had the chance to purchase a software application called XMPie. Were currently going throught the training here at work and I have to say its quite the application. Basically, it helps the IT/Programming/Data Services department interface with the creative/designers/media department in making an advertisement.

I wish i could give more information on this software, but from what I understand there are only 10+/- of them ever purchased from Xerox, pretty neat. I guess I finally get to work on the cutting edge software, eh?