Application Unlock your Samsung ACE!

If you’ve got a Samsung ACE like me, and are pretty into tech sort of things, you probably want to download some neat applications, or even just modify that ugly home screen that doesn’t have much functionality. Unfortunately it comes with a two-tier security lock on it… This means that you aren’t allowed to install any unsigned applications. (Which is basically any application that doesn’t cost money.)

With some digging I’ve figured out a way to get around this, and hopefully it will help you out too! You need to do a little downloading and installing on your phone so just follow along and lets hope it works for you.

Setup – Downloading and getting the files ready

First off were going to need a few developer files, this will allow you to install applications on your device that are unsigned. You really need to make sure this is something you want to do first as I’m almost sure that you will no longer get support from your carrier if you do this, and some application could possibly be malicious. So if you do this, I’m not responsible for what you download.

  1. Download the Microsoft Security Configuration Manager
  2. Download the Samsung Ace Developer Certificates (My carrier is sprint and I dont know if these will work for other carriers.)

Once they are done downloading, install the Security Configuration Manager and navigate to the directory where it was installed. There should be a file called “” we will need this in the next step.

Step 2 – Putting stuff on our ACE

Now we want to make sure we transfer the files necessary to our Samsung ACE. Transfer the Certificates and file over to your device, if you have a storage card (which you should) it would be best to put these here.

After you have put everything on your ace, unplug it from the USB port, we wont connect it for a little bit.

Step 3 – Installing on our phone.

Install the Certificates cab onto your device, not the memory card. Once that has completed reboot your device.

Once the device has been rebooted, locate the file on your device and reboot again!

While you’re rebooting you can read this joke if you want, maybe by then your samsung will be ready for the next step…

What do you get when you cross a turkey with a penguin? — a very cross penguin

Okay maybe that was a bad idea, your Samsung Ace is probably still rebooting… Just wait until its done.

Step 3 – The final step, and you’re ready to go!

Now that your ace is back up and running, get back to the PC side of things and launch that Security Configuration Manager that i had you download earlier. Plug in your phone to the USB again, and wait until it notices that your device has been connected. You may want to have Active Sync up so you can save time and stop it from syncing when you plug it back in.

After a short while it will acknowledge your device is connected and show you what it’s current security settings are. In the drop-down box, highlight “One-Tier Prompt” and hit “Provision”.

You should receive confirmation that your device was provisioned, but keep an eye on the device in-case it prompts you to say yes to something.

Now re-boot your device one more time and you should be unlocked!

Thanks to the following thread for the help:


22 responses

5 08 2008

You know what, after doing this I’ve realized why they don’t want you to unlock your ACE. As we all know the integrity of the system will be compromised, In my case my phone frequently locks up now, and seems to run slower than the base flash. BE WARE AND DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK

7 08 2008

to wlasson: unlocking the phone shouldn’t have any impact on the system. The problem you are seeing could be caused by something else. Unlocking the phone only allows certain system features to be called so that third party software (after you install it) can take advantage of them.

12 08 2008

I agree with what you said, and pardon my explanation. I DID install third party software on my phone, which in turn made it have problems. I guess my first post was to just say, be careful what you’re putting on your phone. Even files that are completely legit can adversely effect the way your phone functions.

1 09 2008

Always make sure you know what your installing and if its compatable to the phone’s operating system. Thanks for the info and easy download access! Much appreciated!

19 10 2008

I have tried to install the Skype Mobile for smartphone on my Samsung i616 which runs windows monile 6 and would like to call my friends or SMS via 3G wireless network. However, it always failed and said [it does not have sufficient system permissions]

Do you think the certificate is same for ACE & i616? or where should I go to get the certificate for my i616?

Please advise how can I solve my problem.

Thanks a millions.

27 11 2008

Hi folks

I am also using Samsung i616 on Rogers network in Canada and I have same problem I cannot install skype, always failed with error “it does not have sufficient system permissions”

I really appreciate if someone know how to avoid this problem



24 12 2008

I think the two problems above are caused because of the certificate. You will need the right certificate for whatever model phone you have, it may be provider based however.

Phones are actually tailored to whatever provider, and what software they want their subscribers to be able to use. So phone companies will install certain software for sprint, that wont be there for T-Mobile, etc..

Try contacting the phone company, and let them know you are a developer wanting to write some software for the phone you have, and how you can unlock it to do so. Generally that approach only works on a windows mobile device, since not many other phones can be developed for. Good Luck!

15 01 2009

okay i did this it isn’t working. how do i undo everything i just did?

15 01 2009

I’m no longer using this phone but there is a reset procedure to go through. It will wipe the phone and reset back to factory default. I cannot remember if it is a pin size hole on the back or if you take the battery out and do something.

If worse come to worse just call the phone company and ask them how to reset it.

5 04 2009

after unlocking my i325, will it still work on the sprint network when i get back home?

6 04 2009

Yes, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. Unlocking just simply makes it so you can install software not authorised by the vendor or network. The phone will still operate the same way, unless something is installed on the phone after the unlock that can mess with the way you connect to the network.

As far as i know the network does not get any information from your phone as far as, what its security levels are and if it’s been unlocked.

3 07 2009

I have a Samsung Ace i325 from Sprint, and want to use it on T-Mobile. Can it be unlocked to do so? If so, how? As I understand, Srpint is not GSM, but the phone actually is GSM capable… Can anyone help me?



27 08 2009

By unlocking the phone will this allow me to do otherthings like changing the sms, email and voicemail notification sounds?

i just bought this phone and it seems only the ringer can be changed not the notifications

2 09 2009

I have this phone. Will unlocking enable me to use it with At&t? I currently have Sprint.

Thank you

24 09 2009

Thanks for this, works a charm! Now i can run the apps “I” want to run not sprint!

Cheers . . .

20 06 2010

HELP! I got the certifcate and the onto the phone, but now none of our compys will see the phone – not in My Computer, not in the Security Config program. HELP – is there a particular place I need to install the certs or the tool? And yeah – if this isn’t going to work how do I “undo” whatever the and the certificate cab did?? THANKS!

29 04 2011

is this tutorial for galaxy ace???

29 04 2011

Nope it is not, this is just for the regular Samsun ACE, here is a pic in case others have the same question:

29 04 2011

😦 thanks anyway

8 05 2011

I DLed the & onto my Samsung Ace Sprint device and installed in the order but it didn’t reboot on its own. Am I suppose to reboot it manually? Moreover, I still can’t install the afterwards. Thanks for your help.

29 07 2012

Thx but the thing i wnt to know is that when u unlock ure phone are u able to download purcasable apps for free?
Send me a reply

9 08 2012

At this point the post is so old I assume that you are just asking a general question. There will likely never be an application that you can download which allows you to download “paid” applications for free, if there is it’ll get shut down fairly quick I imagine.

However, by unlocking your phone you would be able to install any application that you want and remove any carrier specific applications that you don’t want. So technically, whether you buy the application or not, if you have the install you CAN install it to an unlocked phone, yes.

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